1. Fundamentals of New Jersey Real Estate: Salesperson & Broker Licensing Fourth Edition

Essential rules, regulations and practices to help you pass the NJ real estate Salesperson and Broker licensing exams.

So tired were we of using textbooks published by companies with no real estate expertise—textbooks that were either outdated, wrong or not specific to the requirements of the New Jersey licensing laws that we wrote our own! And it won the Axiom national business book award for the real estate category!

This 475-page book contains everything you need to know to pass the New Jersey licensing exams for brokers and salespersons. It contains quizzes at the end of each chapter, and an answer key that explains why the answers were the way they are, and where in the book the read can refer to find the relevant information.

The accompanying hard-cover textbook for A1 Real Estate School’s 75-hour salesperson pre- licensing course.

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PDF version of the Fundamentals of NJ Real Estate textbook for $24.95

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2. The Essential Real Estate Exam Prep Guide

All the most important facts to pass the New Jersey Salesperson, Broker & Instructor Real Estate Exam

The ONE Resource You Need to Help You Pass the NJ Real Estate Salesperson, Broker and Instructor exam! Only 32% of candidates pass on their first attempt and it is not unusual for people wanting to start—or grow—their real estate career feeling frustrated after failing multiple times.

This exam prep book follows the exact state exam outline of the company New Jersey uses to administer that very exam: PSI! In simple, easy-to-understand language, it helps the reader understand which topics have the most exam questions, and then using a combination of easy bullet points and real-world examples helps you understand the exam subject matter. The spiral binding even lets you study with each page flat on the desk.

You start off with a Pre-Study Test to determine your knowledge of the required subject matter before you begin. You can then take a modular approach to your studying. Pick & choose between the topics where you feel uncertain or start on Page 1 and read through the entire book: Your choice! Then take the Post-Study Test to see how much knowledge you have gained from this valuable resource.

Look at What You’ll Learn!

Shows how many questions the PSI exam covers in each subject area.

New Jersey-specific and national topics.

Easy real estate math calculation tips!


Understanding different listing types.


Liens, encumbrances, easements.

Cooperatives, timeshares, condominiums.

Real estate licensing laws, regulations, and practices.

How to value residential and commercial properties.

Real estate financing.

Agency law.

Types of real estate ownership.

Federal and state fair housing laws

Landlords, leasing; NJ Truth in Renting law.

Title: What it is, how to research &  transfer

Disclosure laws affecting real estate agents.

Rules for broker and instructor exams.

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3. Real Estate Math Made Easy

“I’m terrible at math! I’ll NEVER pass the real estate exam!”

It is a refrain heard more often than almost any other concern from people who are studying for the real estate exam. Even broker candidates—who have been practicing real estate professionals for years—express the same fear of math. They know that once they are in the test center taking the state exam, they will not have access to computers or the apps they normally rely on to solve math problems.

This is the resource for everyone who fears math—but who needs to know how to calculate real estate math questions. You will learn the concepts to be able to know how to solve the problem, and with hundreds of test questions in numerous topic areas, you’ll not only see the answers—you’ll see how to get to the right answers.

Sections cover math calculations for:

Basic real estate math concepts

Property valuation


Profit and loss


Property taxes

Closing costs

Investment real estate

Mortgages and financing

Area and volume


“This is not just a book that gave me the skills and confidence to pass my real estate exam; it gave me the knowledge I needed to be a better real estate agent” – Courtney S.

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4. The Ultimate Real Estate Exam Test Questions Guide

70% of People who graduate from all the state’s real estate schools FAIL the New Jersey real estate exam every month!

That may seem an incredible statistic, but when you realize that many of those who fail do so as they take the state exam for the second, third—even the tenth time! There is no doubt that New Jersey has one of the most difficult licensing exams in the country for real estate agents and brokers.

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5. Zero to Hero – The ONE Book You Have to have to Jump-Start your Real Estate Career!

Written by the director of New Jersey’s TOP-RATED real estate school and endorsed as a “MUST-READ” by real estate brokers, coaches and instructors. Includes a step-by-step guide for how agents can set up their lead generation and marketing and specific tips on working with buyers, sellers, goal setting, learning scripts . . . and much more! 87% of newly-licensed real estate agents drop out of the business within 5 years.

THIS book will show you how to become one of the 13% who gain financial independence by being a real estate superstar!

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